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Instruments and Software

NDT Projects incorporate Inspectionware by UTEX Scientific and can offer full workspace design around your system. Incorporating motion control and non destructive testing, a user interface can be designed to control the whole system.

Inspectionware can supply features such as:

    • A, B, C, & D-Scans
    • Full Waveform Capture
    • Data Recording and Reporting
    • All standard and advanced ultrasonic settings, gates, displays etc.
    • Import of CAD files and contour following capabilities
    • Full motion control and position feedback
    • Conventional, Multizone & Phased Array Ultrasonic’s
    • Simulation and Modelling


Micropulse Ultrasonic Instruments

Micropulse Ultrasonic Instruments

The Micropulse LT is a small sized high feature conventional ultrasonic instrument capable of up to 8 channels. This instrument is ideal for any conventional application and with its small form factor, it can be mounted close to the transducers, reducing cable lengths and noise.

The Micropulse 5 is a full featured rack mount system that can be configured for 16 channels of conventional and 128/128 channels of Phased Array. The systems can also be linked to double the amount of Phased Array channels.

Both systems seamlessly integrate into Inspectionware allowing for custom instruments for any application from a single channel conventional test to 512 channels of Phased Array.