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UT Immersion Tanks

NDT Projects can supply ultrasonic immersion tanks (UT immersion testing tanks) for the inspection of billet and other round product such as tube and bar. The size of the tank can be designed around your product with diameters from 10 to 500mm and lengths from 1 to 14 Meters.

All of our systems are supplied with highly accurate axes with positional feedback, to provide detailed A, B, C, and D-Scans of your product. Tanks can be supplied with the standard X, Y, Z axes as well as Rotate, and full A, B, C manipulation for the transducer.

Ultrasonic instruments and motion control elements are brought together with the use of the software package, Inspectionware by UTEX Scientific. This provides a single user interface for operation of the system as well as seamlessly integrating position and ultrasonic data for recording of scans.



Disc and Forging Inspection

Immersion tanks can also be designed around rotary turntables for the inspection of discs and forged components. As with the billet inspection systems, full 6-Axes motion control can be supplied as well as high precision feedback rotate drives. Turntables can be configured horizontally or vertically depending on the application.

Size is no object when it comes to the design of the immersion tank, with recent projects containing discs of 2000mm diameter and weighing 13 tonnes.

For any inquiry regarding our systems please use the contact form or call the number at the top of this page. We will always endeavour to find a solution for your inspection requirements.